Beginning With Facebook Ads

I love Facebook advertising!Of course, it is challenging, expensive, volatile, and short term. And I absolutely love the thrill of it!The reason I am so excited about it today is because I have been testing a set of ads in a niche for over a week. FINALLY it’s working!! And once you find something that works on Facebook, it usually works in a big way. And I tend to get excited about stuff – that’s just how I am.Great Offer + Unique Image + Headline = $$$$$$ = A Happy Jen Now, before you get too excited, and run off to start your first advertising campaign on Facebook, there are several things you should know.1. RESEARCH – It pays to learn strategies from someone who is experienced with FB ads. Several forums now have “Facebook” areas specifically for this purpose. Get into these forums, and read everything you can get your hands on re: Facebook advertising and how to create a killer ad. I have been working my tail off scouring the internet for every scrap of information I can find. If you are new to this, I highly recommend you do your research before spending a dime.2. GET CASHED UP – You need money to test offers. It will take you some time and money to test your ads, images, and offers. So be prepared. Facebook will charge your credit card every day for your advertising spending. Be sure you are with a good CPA Network who can pay you quickly. Weekly wires are a must for me.3. MARKETING – Think like your target audience and decide what kind of Headline/Image/Offer would grab their attention. You need to be creative on FB. If you do what everyone else is doing, you will fail.4. DEMOGRAPHICS – Use keywords, age, gender, location, sexual preference, marital status, employer, etc. to pre-qualify your audience and target them specifically. Keywords here are not the same as they are in AdWords. You need to use kw that people might add to their profile to explain their interests.5. BUDGET – Set a low budget for each campaign in the testing phase. Keep a very close eye on your campaigns. $$$ flies out the door with high CPCs and HUGE traffic volumes. Remember: Ads will still get approved if you pause them. So pause your campaigns once you create them. Then wait for approval (which can take 24 hours). Then unpause and watch carefully.6. TRACK – Watch your conversions at the network (or tracking). Facebook have a very long delay. You want to be sure conversions are flying IN faster than the advertising spending is flying OUT.7. THE BIG SECRET – Ha! There is no big secret. You just have to work – test – fail – be creative – and test again. Every affiliate who banks on Facebook has followed this process. We are not holding out on you. There really is no secret. Hard work is my secret – if anything. Boring, I know, but it’s the truth.8. BE PREPARED TO FIGHT – This is bloody hard work. You will lose money. Most of your ads won’t work. You will get frustrated. You might even want to give up. If you don’t have a fighting spirit, I don’t recommend Facebook advertising. It’s tough and you will have to fight. No one is going to hand you anything on a silver platter. You came here to make money online, and Facebook is a great tool for that. So – if you ARE a fighter – get in there and give it a go!