Facebook Advertising: The Significance of the Like Button in Facebook

The release of the Facebook “Like” button has spawned numerous rumors regarding its updated behavioral targeting and Barry Scnitt of Facebook recently posted a clarification regarding this most recent buzz categorically stating that “the Financial Times incorrectly suggested that Facebook is launching a behavioral ad targeting at f8, our upcoming developer conference” and “we have no announcements or changes planned to our ad offering or ad policies.” This announcement from Facebook goes contrary with what has been circulating around and it ensures people that there will not be a behavioral ad network that is going to be launched and Facebook is just confirming that the “Like” button will be the new phrase in replacement of “Become A Fan”.The recent launch of the Facebook “Like” button has put the online social network on the advertising spotlight hinting that it is now coming up with new and enhanced features to assist advertisers into reaching, spotting, and targeting their desired market and demographics and since there are no clear implications yet on the impact of this button to end users, let us just discuss how this special feature may work for advertisers so that you can be in a position to better utilize your Facebook ads to eventually meet your goals. So to start with, before, a user would know if an ad was linked to Facebook because it is denoted with a “Become a Fan” button which is way different from the “Like” button.Now, the “Like” button becomes a little bit tricky with the two types of ads that may be on the Facebook page that you are looking at – one that is onsite and a part of the Facebook gallery and one that is off the pages of Facebook and at the onset, one would never know which is which since there is no indication at all whether an ad is a link that will take you away from Facebook or if it is an internal link in the Facebook realm. Once the user clicks on the “Like” button, that is when the distinction shows its signs because when the ad is situated off the Facebook pages, a new text appears and would say “You like this ad’ and if the ad is within the Facebook pages then the message that would show would run something like ‘You like ____”, the underlined showing the page of the ad itself.Now if you are advertiser and you want to use the “Like” option in Facebook, you have to understand the huge difference between an ad that is set up internally in Facebook and one that is outside the Facebook pages since they have to be run and managed in a totally different fashion.